Laser Engraving


3D Printing

Bad Mother Customs 3D Printing Service can create virtually anything your mind can conjure up, and merely within hours of you conceiving the idea.
A Bad Mother Laser will cut through, engrave or mark almost any material known to man, moreover it will do it with flawless precision every single time.
The next generation of design digitising and embroidery is here! Embroidery, combined with laser cutting, will give you a quality that you will not get anywhere else.

Better by Design

Based in Southwest Sydney, BMC is a custom fabrication and finishing workshop.
Bad Mother Customs would not supply a job or product we would not be proud to use ourselves, every process is checked over by computers to inspect for blemishes and only the highest quality materials and most current software is used.

Technologically Enhanced Systems

The entire plant is driven by cutting edge up-to-date software and is monitored by cameras and sensors which are constantly scanning for any anomalies in the work being produced, as well as monitoring the equipment to ensure there are no failures which may result in damaging your parts. As a failsafe measure, the jobs are inspected again by the software and a quality control operator before approved for dispatch.

Artificial Intelligence

The software that manages the equipment has been painstakingly designed to constantly improve and is always making calculations on how to produce a higher quality result in a more efficient manner. A by-product of this is a flawless custom finish at an affordable price.

Interactive Experience

Design Conferencing

Delivered to your door
The system has been designed so that you, our client, can login and see the work being completed from wherever you are via online cameras.
The entire facility is fitted with high definition cameras, which allows us to go over the work in detail ensuring you get exactly what you are buying.
The finished product is insured and couriered directly to your nominated destination and is packed and shipped within two business days.